• If you are interested in a membership, please call 414-380-CLUB (2582). Family memberships are managed each year to avoid overcrowding. If interested in a family membership, please down the waitlist form and add your name to the waitlist.
  • New Members/Open House is Thursday, May 26th from 6:00 – 8:00pm.


  • The membership renewal form for active members and members on Hiatus will be sent January 2nd by email and is available here.
  • Complete the form, add your signature and return the form with your payment of dues and capital improvement fee.
  • Incomplete forms including your signature will not be accepted or processed.
  • All members, including children, must have a recent picture in the club’s software system for checking in.
  • The enrollment packet provides information for lessons, teams, leagues, fitness activities and social events.

Membership Dues

  • Option A – Pay Dues and Capital Improvement Fee in full by February 1st. Late fee of $25 after April 1st.
  • Option B – Pay Dues and CIF in three payments, Feb. 1, Mar. 1 and Apr. 1 plus a $15 processing fee.
  • Checks (personal or electronic) are payable to The Village Club Inc., PO Box 74, Greendale, WI 53129

Initiation Fees

  • Option A – The $500 fee is reduced by $100 for new members who chose to pay in full the first year of membership.
  • Option B – A payment of $250 in the first year of membership and a payment of $250 in the second year of membership.
  • Initiation fees are paid along with the payment of membership dues and capital improvement fee in one full payment.

Capital Improvement Fee

  • Family, Single Parent Family, Couple and Single Memberships – $50
  • Senior Singe Memberships and Senior Couple Memberships – $40
  • The CIF is paid along with the payment of your annual dues.

Childcare Providers

  • The Childcare Provider form can be completed here. The childcare provider fee is $50.
  • Childcare providers are required to have their picture and date of birth on file for check-in and security purposes.
  • They are required to check-in each time they enter the club.
  • If the childcare provider is joining the parents at the club, he/she must check-in and pay the guest fee.
  • The limit is two providers per membership. You must obtain board approval through the Membership Manager for more than two.

User Fees

  • Lessons, teams, leagues, fitness, guest fees and social events must be paid for when you sign up for the activity.
  • User fees can be paid by credit card or cash.
  • There is a 72 hour window for cancellation and refund.

Party Reservations

  • Members are required to complete a Party Reservation Form to reserve tables and spaces for their family and guests. 
  • You must obtain approval from the manager for a party larger than 10 people.
  • This fee is paid in full along with the payment of membership dues.
  • The Party Request Form can be completed online at this link. For any questions, please ask for help at the check-in window.