The Village Club
The Village Club

If it’s tennis, swimming, or just lounging, the Village Club is your place for summer fun.

See you on the courts!
See you on the courts!

Whether you grew up playing the game or have never held a racket before, there is a place for you on the courts of the Village Club this summer.

Join Us For Pickleball
Join Us For Pickleball

On our tennis courts or on our two Quick Start courts.

The Family Place for Fun in the Sun

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Membership Packet 2020 

Village Club Rules 2021

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Upcoming Events

Monthly Meetings: Board of Directors & the Management Team 


Sunday, January 17th – Annual Meeting – 6:00 – 6:15pm Virtual 

Sunday, January 17th – Board Meeting – 6:15 – 7:00pm Virtual


Sunday, February 21st – Board Meeting – 6:00 – 7:00pm Virtual

Improvements for 2021

  • Remove trees along the fence to the pump-house. Plant shade trees around the parking lot.
  • Replace the entire gutter guard grate system around the perimeter of the large swimming pool.
  • Replace 10 sets of scorecards, 6 coolers, 4 benches and 1 windscreen for the tennis program. 
  • Replace one bathhouse pump with a more efficient model for removing water and waste. 
  • Replace trash cans with separate touchless units, color coded for recycle and regular trash.
  • Replace trash cans on tennis courts with similar units including a recycle unit for tennis balls.
  • Reseal the parking lot in spring and expand the asphalt parking area behind the pump-house.

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